Please consider supporting our ministry.  You can make a general donation to the ministry to support its ongoing operations and expansion or make a designated gift to a special project.  Two options are available for donations.  Either click on DONATE below or use PayPal  by clicking on the PayPal button.  If you are interested in making a recurring donation, use PayPal.


Presentation Props


These props will include laminated posters, coat-of-arms displays, physical objects associated with related lessons, banners, etc.

HOAW Radio Ministry

$1,200 for one year

This funding will help HOAW secure a weekly radio show that will highlight topics associated with the Heart of a Warrior program, relevant topics for men, and guest appearances.

HOAW Workshop /Seminar

$500 / Sponsor

These resources will help to plan and conduct weekend workshops/seminars on subjects of value to developing men after God’s heart, general focus events for men and women, rite-of-passage ceremonies, and other occasions.

Video Presentations (New and Updated versions)

$1,500 / Video Set

These video presentations will support the Awakened Life Journeys program - Foundations of a Warrior, Phase I:  The Compass, Phase II:  The Map, and Phase III: The Guide.

Heavy Duty Copier


Such a copier will help prepare training and participant materials in volume to support workshops and seminars.

Self-Publish Books

$3,500 / Book

This funding will help in the development and production of books supporting HOAW Ministries.


Heart of a Warrior Ministries is a 501c3 organization approved by the IRS.  With tax exempt status we are permitted to receive tax-deductible donations to our ministry.

Make checks payable to Heart of a Warrior Ministries.  

Donations can be sent to the following address:
Heart of a Warrior Ministries
391 Harriet Circle
St. Paul, Minnesota 55126