Awakened Life Journeys is a four part program designed to develop men after God's own heart and help them step into alignment with God's purpose for their lives. The program is meant to be done in order, with each phase building off the one before it. It requires a commitment of time and energy and is not for the faint of heart. But we believe you will walk away from this journey more equipped to live the life of purpose that God is calling you into. 


FOUNDATIONS of a warrior: Discipleship

Establishment of strong battle foundations

Few, if any, of us would ever consider building something without having a foundation to build it on. A solid foundation is important and necessary to keep the structure immovable and from collapsing. Our life as a follower of Jesus Christ must be built on a firm foundation so that our faith in Him will be immovable as we face the “torrents” of life that are sure to come our way. Whether you are a new follower just starting out on the journey or a long time follower who has never had a firm foundation established, this is for YOU!

This Foundations curriculum will require hard work and study. It will require you to read, study, and memorize scripture. It will hold you accountable. It will ultimately provide the firm foundation for your faith to grow and to stand immovable throughout the storms of life.

This part of the journey will take from up to 6 months (or longer) to complete.

Detailed Overview of The Foundations


The compass: heart calibration

Calibration of your internal compass - the heart

The Compass is the second phase of the journey and is not for the weak-kneed. It is hard core discipleship. It will require full commitment.  It will hold you accountable for results. It is action oriented.  The objective of this part of the journey is to calibrate the heart of a man with the heart of God and provide an internal compass that will help you find your way.  

It will help you find answers to questions like these: Why do we do what we do? Why do we do the very things we hate to do? Why is our behavior inconsistent or even opposed to what we say we believe? Our behavior, good or bad, is reflective of what's in our hearts. This training will help us become men of honor and integrity by aligning our hearts with God's heart. The twelve lessons comprising this phase of the journey will help you become a man after God's heart.

This training presents a new way of living life in bold relief, a life dedicated to godliness in demonstrated ways beginning with your personal walk, extending to your family, and expanding to your community.

It will average approximately 12 to 18 months. You will join other men in a group led by a trained leader and will meet for two hours every other week.

Video Introduction


the map: focused living

Development of your unique map

Many of us haven't got a clue about how God has wired us or what His purposes are for each of us. The third phase of the journey gives us a sense of purpose, direction, and a focused life dedicated to exclusively carrying out God’s unique call on our lives.

During this study we will create a Personal Life Mandate which will help us focus our ministry and service to the kingdom. It provides direction without determining destination. God wants us to engage the journey and leave the destination to Him. When we operate within our God-inspired trajectory we live a life of meaning and significance.

The purpose for our time together is simply this: to gain a biblically informed perspective of our past, to bring clear focus to God’s design for our life and then to implement a plan to intentionally and proactively fulfill our discovered destiny.

This part of the journey will take 9 to 12 months. Each bi-weekly meeting will include two hours of interaction and may be augmented by additional materials designed to illustrate the concepts more clearly and concisely. Participants will be required to complete assignments in advance of each meeting.

Detailed Overview of the Map

The Guide: Mentoring

Creation of a personal mentoring strategy

No one effectively navigates life without assistance and support from others more mature and seasoned. Mentoring is a relational experience through which one person, who knows or has experienced something, empowers another by sharing God-given resources. Being mentored is critical to spiritual maturity and leaving behind a godly legacy. 

The fourth phase of the program will establish the importance of being mentored and mentoring others. It will introduce you to successful mentoring concepts, give you guidelines on effective mentoring, help you select an appropriate mentor, and provide you with advice on mentoring others within your sphere of influence. You will also prepare a Personal Mentoring Strategy that will help you and others on the journey forward.

This last phase will take about 6 months to complete. You will meet every other week for 1.5 to 2 hours. While this phase of the journey can stand alone, we recommend completing it after you have done the other three.

Detailed Overview of The Guide