Men's Ministry Video Resources


Men's ministry considerations

The following 4 videos describe, explain, and illustrate what it takes to establish or revitalize an effective ministry dedicated to men.  I have worked with men over 40 years and have gleaned insights that have been instrumental in developing and launching vibrant and sustinable church based men's ministries.

MMC  1

This video addresses 6 key questions that should be considered in developing or revitalizing a men's ministry.  Clear answers to these question will provide a good ministry framework.  This video also presents key statistics that establish the need for a men's ministry.


This video highlights Scripture the should inform and condition the development of a men's ministry.  Several helpful principles for building and establishing a God-honoring men's ministry are also presented.

mmc 3

Form follows function.  Videos 1 and 2 addressed the function of men's ministry.  This video describes the form an effective men's ministry must take to accomplish its function.  Structural issues are addressed.


This last video in the series presents 8 key resources that will be instrumental in establishing a vital and sustainable men's ministry.  Each resource will be discussed and unwrapped to reveal the value it has for men's ministry.


The videos that follow will help you become a man after God's heart and will provide the competencies you'll need to become a better man equipped for every good work.  These videos will address the head, the heart, and the hand.  Mastery will lead to spiritual maturity and effectiveness as you engage the opportunities God lays before you.


Getting a grip on the Bible requires intentional interaction including hearing, reading, studying, memorizing, and meditating.  Each successive step produces a stronger grasp of the Word resulting in transformational change and spiritual maturity.


Sponges are designed to fill up and wring out. Followers of Christ should fill up with nurturing activities and wring out with service. A rhythm should be developed for both.


Margin - the distance between our load and our limits. How do we establish a cushion between the two? Do you have any margin in your life?  We make time in our lives for the things that matter the most to us.


Budding leaders have characteristics that are often ignored. Unless your antenna is tuned to see them you will probably miss them altogether.  Understanding the characteristics of emerging leaders will help you quickly identify the unrealized potential in others.



Transitional Boundaries

Transitions in life are inevitable. Often catalyzed by a crisis, God uses these boundaries to move us from one phase to another in our development.  Each boundary includes three phase; entry, evaluation, and exit.

Hills to Die On

A focused life is impossible without determining what hills we will die on, what hills we are called to bleed on, and what hills we need not climb at all.  Our hills to die on should be few, our hills to bleed on should be determined by God, and the rest is left to others.

Receiving Versus Accepting

No where in the Bible are we told to 'accept' Christ. Who is accepting whom? We are to 'receive" Him. The first puts us on the throne and the second, Christ on the throne.  Receiving recognizes the Giver.

Skeptic Versus Cynic

Two types of people are encountered in life; a skeptic or a cynic. Evangelizing each requires a separate approach.  Answer questions of a skeptic and questions the answers of a cynic.