$500/Message + Expenses

Dr. Bourgond is available to speak at men’s retreats and events.  The cost for each speaking engagement is $500/message in addition to travel, lodging, and meal expenses.


Hourly Rate:  $150

Half Day:  $500

Full Day:  $1000

Heart of a Warrior can provide consulting services for the following areas:  

  • Strategic planning
  • Leadership development (character, competence, congruence) 
  • Effective leadership practices
  • Men’s ministry issues and concerns
  • Staff audits
  • Performance appraisal
  • StrengthsFinder interpretation
  • Personality temperament assessment
  • Leadership style assessment
  • Small group dynamics
  • Spiritual formation.

Former Consulting clients include Westwood Community Church (Excelsior, MN), Denver Theological Seminary (Littleton, CO), Ministry Advantage (Houston, TX), and Northwest Conference (Evangelical Covenant Church), among others. 


$2000 per Workshop/Seminar

Provide weekend training experiences (Friday night, Saturday morning and afternoon) in the following areas:  

  • Mentoring Others and Being Mentored
  • Bible Survey and Bible Study Methods
  • Father/Son Retreat
  • Small Group Dynamics
  • Rite of Passage Workshop
  • Papa’s Blessings Workshop
  • Launching a Men’s Ministry
  • Five Deadly Lies
  • Key Leadership Principle and Practices
  • Gift Discovery and Placement: Values Clarification
  • Heart Surgery
  • Leadership Style.

Life Planning

$3,500/Person, includes lodging

Work individually or in small groups over 5 days to develop an operational Personal Life Mandate consisting of Biblical purpose, life purpose, committed passion, role non-negotiables, unique methodologies (personal wiring), and ultimate contributions (planned legacy).


Contact Dr. Bourgond for more details or booking information.