The Compass - Heart Calibration Calvary Church, White Bear Campus

An orientation for The Compass - Heart Calibration will be held September 22nd, 8:00 AM at Calvary Church, White Bear Campus (4604 Greenhaven Dr, White Bear Township, MN 55127). 

There is no obligation to join a group when you attend the orientation.  This event is meant to give you information about the journey due to begin October 13th.  Once you attend the orientation you will be given an opportunity to join the group.  The first meeting of the group will be October 13th.  The group will again meet on October 20th and every week thereafter until May 2019. 

Go to the "Journey's' page of this website to learn more about The Compass - Heart Calibration.

New Book - Leadership Beef Jerky


I am pleased to announce the publishing of my latest book, Leadership Beef Jerky: Principles and Practices You Can Chew On. This book is the culmination of decades of leadership practice. The principles and practices contained within represent what i have learned about the practice of leadership in the Navy, defense industry, commercial business, and ministry. I have identified and succinctly described what i have personally applied or observed in terms of what works regardless of the work setting.

The book is divided into three parts; the Head (8 chapters), the Heart (8 chapters), and the Hand (16 chapters). The compendium presents principles and practices that help organize how you think about leadership and what will and should inform your understanding and practice. When the head and heart align--the beingness of your leadership--than the hand--the doingness of your leadership--produces God-honoring results. I believe the principles and practices described in this guide will help you become a leader after God's heart.

The book can be purchased on or iUniverse. I hope you will be enriched as you put into practice what is contained within its pages.

That Others Might Live


Dr. Erik Hess is a close friend and Heart of a Warrior Alum.  He is an accomplished emergency medical doctor, a clinical researcher, a professor and sought after speaker.  I have had the privilege of personally observing his growth in the Lord.  In the near future, he will be establishing a beachhead for Heart of a Warrior Ministries in Birmingham Alabama.  The article that follows was writen by Dr. Hess and is 'must' reading.  It shows how he has integrated his faith in his chosen vocation.

When I was visiting the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, CO with my family in the summer of 2017, I came across this memorial.  To give some context, it is located in a large courtyard, flanked by the Air Force Chapel (on the right; not seen) and the Center for Character and Leadership Development (pyramid-shaped structure in the background of the picture).  As I read the inscription, I felt intense emotions of devotion, sacrifice and purpose well up within me and began to weep.  The following words are etched in the stone.

“Detachments were deployed worldwide at US Airforce Bases with call signs such as “Firebird,” “Rescue 1” and “PEDRO.” The HH-43 helicopter and its air and ground crew maintained an alert status to aid aircrews who were downed, some in burning aircraft.  At the sound of an alarm the aircrew would be airborne within 2 minutes, hook up a special fire suppression kit (FSK), which could produce 690 gallons of foam.  This would allow the fire fighters to remove the aircrews from a burning aircraft.  For a downed air crew, the HH-43 alert crew would coordinate with headquarters or King Bird, then would depart on a set heading to make a pickup or recovery.

The motto of the aerospace rescue and recovery service is,


Although I have never had the honor of serving in the armed forces, my heart resonates with this call in several ways.  There are layers of meaning of this phrase has for me, much like peeling back layers of an onion until one reaches the core.   

As an emergency physician, the care we provide patients each day requires a rapid, efficient, coordinated team effort to meet patients where they are, often at a point of great need.  Training for and providing this care day in and day out often comes at great personal cost, but is a cause worth the sacrifice. 

As a clinical researcher, I aim to collaboratively discover how best to treat each patient with dignity and respect, seeking to both cure disease and care for the person, so that, somehow, together, we discover how to lift up the human condition.

As a husband and father, I aim to live in such a way that my wife and family flourish, that they feel appreciated for their uniqueness and encouraged and challenged to grow, and that, with ever increasing intimacy, they walk with their Creator, obediently follow His lead, and discover and live out the purpose for which they were created.

As a friend, I aim to come along side, serve, and experience the joy that comes from sharing life together and growing closer to one another on our life journey.

As a loyal follower and devoted servant, I seek to obey and please the one who sacrificed His life for mine, so that others may experience forgiveness and the new life I have received.

The core of my satisfaction, purpose, and joy comes from daily, authentic communion with Jesus, and, with complete devotion and all out abandon, seeking to please Him as the “audience of one,” the one who will take me to vistas I have never seen, to mountains I have never climbed, and provide meaningful work to do to advance His kingdom.  Why?  For what purpose?


Erik P. Hess MD MSc

Professor and Vice Chair for Research

Department of Emergency Medicine

UAB Medicine | The University of Alabama at Birmingham

OHB 251 | 619 South 19th Street | Birmingham Alabama 35249

205-975-7866 |

New Resource

Chuck Stecker's latest book, If You Passed Your Baton...Take It Back, captures the insights of senior leaders as they seek to pour into younger leaders what they have learned about life and wisdom.


Take It Back

Recently, Dr. Chuck Stecker, executive director and founder of A Chosen Generation, published a great book I recommend to you.  I contributed a chapter entitled Filling the Legacy Void.  

Speaking Events


As we approach 2018 I would like to alert you to the following events where I will be speaking...

  • January 27th - Res Gen Men's Summit at Central Church in Sioux Falls South Dakota.  At least 300 men are expected.  You can register for the event at
  • May 17th - 20th - Men's Base-camp Weekend sponsored by Grace Fellowship at Trout Lake Camp in Pine River Minnesota.  Over 200 men are expected.

HOAW Phase I: The Compass (Heart Calibration)


Why do we do what we do? Why do we do the very things we hate to do? Why is our behavior inconsistent or even opposed to what we say we believe? This series will help us become men of honor and integrity by aligning our hearts with God's heart. Our behavior, good or bad, is reflective of what's in our hearts. Let's let the scalpel of God's word perform surgery on our hearts so that our lives bring glory instead of shame to the Father. These lessons will help you become a man after God's heart.

Proverbs 4:23 "Above all else, guard your heart for it is the wellspring of life." Our hearts are comprised of central beliefs, core values, worldview, and motives. Our central beliefs establish our values, our values inform our worldview, our worldview conditions our motives, and our motives energize our behavior. If we want our behavior to bring glory and honor to the Father, then our beliefs must be biblically centered, our values biblically informed, our worldview reflective of God's perspective, and our motives biblically focused.

HOAW Phase I – The Compass; this series will help you calibrate your heart (beliefs, values, attitudes, and motives) to the heart of God so you will be able to navigate the journey we call life.  Living a life of integrity, authenticity, courage, and honor under the authority of God will result in a godly legacy.  You will not be the same man when you complete the journey.  You will be pleased with the result.

At the end of the journey you will develop a Personal Battle Plan and a 6-month Implementation Strategy.  No one really cares what you have to say until they observe how you live.  If you live a life of integrity and honor under God’s authority people will ultimately want to hear what you have to say, even if they disagree with you.  Why?  Because they can’t get past a life well lived.  They may attempt to deconstruct your faith proclamation or refute what you say you believe.  But they cannot deconstruct a life well lived.


  • Lesson 1: Introduction: The Heart of a Warrior

  • Lesson 2: Situational Lifestyle Strategies

  • Lesson 3: God's Preferred Lifestyle Strategy

  • Lesson 4: The Bible and the Heart

  • Lesson 5: Open Heart Surgery

  • Lesson 6: Our Central Beliefs Explained

  • Lesson 7: Our Central Beliefs Applied

  • Lesson 8: Our Core Values

  • Lesson 9: Our Perceptual Attitudes

  • Lesson 10: Our Real Motives

  • Lesson 11: Getting Our Act Together

  • Lesson 12: Developing a Plan

If you or your ministry organization is interested in in discussing the specifics of this phase or want to launch a group using this material please contact me directly.

Dr. Greg Bourgond - or call me directly at 651-308-1530.